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Exciting day

Exciting day today ! Took the trailer home.

This weekend, cleaning and painting. Then later lights, and ply wood in the “wing department” 😊

Going to get a cover to go over the wings….

The blue bit at the back is 4 concrete bags (160kg) to balance the trailer. Driving went really well, very happy.

A BIG THANKS TO Isaac from HRN Ltd for welding it all up. He did most other welding jobs on my plane as well !

Walk around the new trailer

Just finished the trailer, very happy with it 🙂

Dropping it of to a guy making a cover for the front part that will have the wings in it…

The Bleriot will be on it backwards. So:

  • the landing gear wheels will sit in the U channel on the back,
  • the wings, elevator and propeller will go inside the 4.5m long “box” on the front, with a cover on it,
  • and the fuselage facing forward will rest on the timber bar on top of the wing “box”.

Good drive back home

Perfect weather today driving back home from the Omaka Classic Fighters 2017  air show with my beautiful Bleriot on the new trailer. It drives very nice, and all went very well.

This is a lunch break, half way just before the Lewis pass, at the start of the track to lake Daniels at the Marble Hill campsite.

Lunch break at Marble Hill campsite