I got this leather flying jacket, with two patches at the front hold in place with Velcro, and was thinking I could redesign these. One is round, about 4″ diameter, and the other one is a rectangle, 1″ x 3″ .

The rectangle one is going to have my name on it “Gert”

And the round one is going to have the “Bleriot” logo. Plus above this logo curved at the top I will have my registration mark “ZK-BXI”.

To give it a bit of a French “taste” I am going to get some fabric, white cotton, and dye it blue, white, red. The French colours. This is for the big round “Bleriot” patch. My name patch is going to be blue…..


Like it so far?

Below a few pictures, of the process of dye-ing the cotton


Hot water with blue dye and salt.



Blue on one side is a bit tricky. I made the fabric wet, but the dye is still slowly creeping up when I had it partially in the dye.


3 Bits of fabric completely blue and 3 with only blue on one side.