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The first step

Started making my chock’s today. In case you don’t know what they are, they are the blocks you put in front of the wheels, when you are doing a engine test run, basically stopping the plane from moving forward….


Curved surface

Over the last few days I have been gluing a few layers of ply-wood onto the curved side, that’s where the wheel of the plane will sit.


Someone told me to add some “spikes” as-well, so I added some short bolts. The nuts are sort of forced into the ply-wood, so that only the thread of the bolt sticks out. These will stop the chock from moving  🙂



Done it

And the final result (without the ropes, for now)

In the last few days, given them this nice bright yellow colour, and today painted the registration mark on them 🙂



Very pleased with the result