So many people have, and are still helping me that I came up with the idea to create this page. I couldn’t have build the Bleriot without them !!!!!!!!

Starting with Nicki, my best friend, my wife.

None of this would have been possible, without her. It has been a long project, and I have and am enjoying it. Nicki has helped me occasionally, but more importantly, has allowed me to create this beautiful plane  🙂

I had the patience to build, she had the patience to let me build it !

Flying lessons


Dave M, my instructor here at the club in Rangiora NZ; CRAC. He hasn’t helped me building the Bleriot, but has always been very interested, and yes he is the one training me up, to fly it !! 🙂

He’s got years of experience and, just imagine the time he puts in me, every week (weather permitting). I am very lucky to have Dave instructing me. Thanks Dave !!!!!!!

Engine performance

Two people helped me a lot trying to increase the engine performance:



I had a lot of help from Warren my colleague from my previous work place. It all started with rebuilding one of the magneto’s, later on welding up my ring exhaust. In after then, optimizing the valve timing.

That’s when I met

Wayne, he has his workshop in the hangar next to me, but because the opening is on the other side, never seen him before. He started questioning me obout the valve timing measurements, and I noticed straight away that he knew what he was talking about. So yes got the timing as good as we could get it with the current CAM lobe and angle between the valve push rods.

Later on I tried a different carburetor as mine was to “fiddly” with the adjustments.

And now, we are working on my new pistons to get a bit more power out of the engine again.

Welding work

Quite a bit of welding has been done, all these little projects while I was building the plane

I found this engineering place with


Isaac, he’s a really good welder I recon. There’s a whole list of things he has welded, but I probably miss one or two:

The frame support the safety harness, an other connection on my aluminium fuel tank, the engine frame, little lugs on the frame holding the stick (back wheel) for the bungee cord, and recently the shoe to protect the stick. Oh yes the frame of my seat, the trailer for transporting the Bleriot and what else was there……

Many more to come…..