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Elevator parts

Wow look at this, all the bits for my next part of the big project, the elevator. Looks like I am going to get most of it done this coming weekend. At this rate I will be finished next month ๐Ÿ™‚ !!!!!



Paper on bench


Put paper on the bench to draw the shape of the elevator. Bought the roll of paper about 40 meters for $5, a good investment, because now I can draw all the details on the bench. Plenty of room for calculations, etc etc.
What you see here is the front of the elevator, 3/4′ tube, and my bending jig. I really like bending this way , with the shot peen in the tube!!!

First bits assembled

Started assembling the elevator today.
Below: the first joint of the bigger 1″ tube and the curved 3/4″ tube.
Right: the stabilizer, the fixed part of the elevator.


Below: in the center of the stabilizer two 7/8″ sleeves. One inside the 1″ tube, and one over the two halves made of curved 3/4″. This reinforcing is there so bolting onto the fuselage is more rigid.




And started coping the tubes that go in the elevator. I am using a drill press with a vice bolted onto it. Seems to go OK !!

Steady progress

Didn’t finish the whole elevator as I thought I would when I started yesterday, but quite happy how things are going.

Right: my first coped tube, it fits quite well !!

After I did the first gusset plate, I decided to do it differently for all the other ones.

Now I first bend the gusset plate over the right sized tube, with my hands.


Then I put the whole thing in a vice, and leave it there for a minute or so.ย That vice you see below is so handy, use it for a lot of things !!!!



And this is the first half done. I think that part is called stabilizer. For now, it’s without the two middle “spacers”. I will put those in just before it gets mounted onto the fuselage.



And then it gets put in place, drilled, de-burred, cleaned and riveted, and bob’s your uncle ๐Ÿ™‚

Bending ribs

This weekend started working again on the elevator. bending 6 ribs from sheet aluminium. I am not using Robert’s supplied aluminium, they are to hard to bend. I am using 6061T6 from a local aviation store. No idea what to do with the original supplied ones, just impossible. My ribs work just fine.ย The elevator is made from 1″ and 1/2″ tube.





Almost finished the whole elevator. Need to “connect” the stabilizer and elevator, and then up to the next project, the fuselage !!!!



But first I need to make a few brackets on the wall to start hanging up the bits I have done so far.

Two missing tubes

As you can see in the photo above on the right, on the “very” clean work bench that I had more then 2 years ago, there were two tubes missing in the front part of the elevator. I left these out on purpose, because they had to line up with the fuselage. So today that was my job. Only need a few more rivets and that will be done. Will make a photo tomorrow night !

Bracing tubes

Not long now before test flying. Today I have installed the 4 bracing tubes for the elevator. Well I cut and bend them and drilled the holes. Took it all of now an paint them in the next few days. Another job ticked off ๐Ÿ™‚