Just a little bit about me:

I am Gert van Kruiningen. I was born in the Netherlands in 1961, grew up in a little sea side town called Breskens, studied electronics in Vlissingen, worked for Philips in Eindhoven, and then in 1992, I emigrated to New Zealand, a beautiful country I fell in love with.

I now live in Eyrewell, half an hour West of Christchurch towards the mountains on the East coast of the “Mainland”, the South island of New Zealand. We are living in a Straw bale house here. Have some land with horses, sheep, some chickens, a dog (Labrador) called Ben, and a cat called Bandit for catching the mice around the place.

Oh and this website is made using WordPress. As it’s open source software, there are lots of tools and plugin’s, created by various people. Really enjoyed making it. I went as far as creating my own web-server at some stage using Apache, running on a Linux machine sitting in a corner at home. Learned a lot 🙂

But moved away from hosting at home on a small pc/server, a bit too much work right now, might do that again later. Currently it’s hosted at

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