Walk around the new trailer

Just finished the trailer, very happy with it 🙂

Dropping it of to a guy making a cover for the front part that will have the wings in it…

The Bleriot will be on it backwards. So:

  • the landing gear wheels will sit in the U channel on the back,
  • the wings, elevator and propeller will go inside the 4.5m long “box” on the front, with a cover on it,
  • and the fuselage facing forward will rest on the timber bar on top of the wing “box”.

Exciting day

Exciting day today ! Took the trailer home.

This weekend, cleaning and painting. Then later lights, and ply wood in the “wing department” 😊

Going to get a cover to go over the wings….

The blue bit at the back is 4 concrete bags (160kg) to balance the trailer. Driving went really well, very happy.

A BIG THANKS TO Isaac from HRN Ltd for welding it all up. He did most other welding jobs on my plane as well !