Back installed

This morning I “installed the back of the seat. Was just a matter of doing up the cable ties I had sticking out at the back. starting to look good, and feels comfy πŸ™‚
Only think left is the little bits of leather sticking out on the front to “tie” it to the side, but that should be done in the next few days.



Back coushion

More pictures of the seat in the cockpit page I think.
But today I did the sowing of the back “pillow”. Cut it out of the leader you see above, stitched it all together with sowing pins and sew it together.
Interesting thing is that this back pillow curves all the way around from one side to the other. This means there is less material on the inside then there is on the outside. So the inside was about 60mm shorter.
Sowing went well. Tomorrow night I will put the padding in. Hope it all looks good. It should !!!!
A few days later…
The front of the “pillow”, the back with the big “scar”, stitched up, and solid cable ties coming out, ready to tie around the tubing of the back of the seat πŸ™‚




Harness support in position

Yes got it back already. So as I said earlier, this is where it sits.
I will use some glue, and two clamps to keep it in place so I don’t need to drill into the carry through.
I am going to make two gusset plates with 1″ hole in it to support the top, and riveted in the alu tube just in front of it. And to finish it if, the bit sticking through will be cut of so its flush with these gusset plates.
So when the fabric is finished on the fuselage, all you will see is two 1″ holes.
Oh yes I will need two bits of 1/2″ tube to brace the two vertical bits.


And then when I am flying, these two bits of tube slide in the two holes, and lift up the harness shoulder straps:


Harness shoulder strap support

Started with the harness shoulder strap support.
It is going to lift up the shoulder strap so it run’s down from that support point to my shoulders.


This whole structure sit’s on top of the spar carry through.

I still need to cut some of the vertical tubes, so that it’s flush with the top of the fuselage. I also will create some bracing with 1/2″ tubeΒ Then two, one size down, tubes go in the two verticals, high enough to lift up the shoulder strap. And when the plane is parked, I can just pull out the tubes so it’s not obvious it is there.


Steel bracket

In the last few days I have prepared myself for this here. Made a steel bracket that the eye-bolt for the lap-strap of the harness bolts into.

At any time there is no real force applied on the bold through the lap -straps, apart from that one moment that should/will never happen, a frontal impact called crash. Stops me from flying out of the cockpit and hurting myself πŸ™‚




Next is the support for the shoulder straps, but that might have to wait a week or two, haven’t got the bits of Chromoly steel for it yet πŸ™‚

Frame in fuselage

Everything ready now for the last part of the seat, the leather seat covering.

Today I added a bend tube connected to the top longerons, creating a nice “opening” for the top of the fuselage. Only thing left to do is a piece of aluminium to connect the new bend tube with the straight bit, just behind it. That sheet will also have two slots in it for the top two belts of the safety belt.

Don’t look at the floor under the Bleriot. As its in an open shed, the wind is always blowing around creating a mess πŸ™‚


I have finished the 4 gusset plates for attaching the seat to the two bottom longerons, but they are not shown yet. They go in last after the leather covering is fixed to the seat frame.