Changing my mind

OK changing some thoughts here.

I am not going to “wrap” a red anti collision light around the antenna base. It’s just going to be too clunky. I just have to find a place, maybe two places. I am thinking one red anti collision light in front of me, maybe just above the engine frame at the front of the fuselage facing forward, up, left and right. And one red anti collision light behind me, at the beginning of the open frame of the fuselage facing backwards, up, left and right.




Also I have seen photos of landing lights built into the wing. Here are a few examples copied from a book I have. Maybe they can be “hidden” somehow, by creating markings on the wing that “flow” into the clear windows with the lights behind them.



Original Bleriot didn’t have lights

The plan is to get two sets of lights. I know that the original Bleriot didn’t have lights, but one of my big things is to make this plane as safe as possible without making it to obvious that there are features here that are not authentic.

When driving my car I ALWAYS have my lights on to make me more visible, just for that one occasion where someone otherwise might not see me in the split second before making the wrong decision.

So the plan is for having a red anti collision light on top and white landing lights at front:

  • When you look at the radio page, you see I am going to have an antenna on top of my Cabine. I am thinking of making an array of super bright red LED’s, that’s wrapped around the base of the antenna. If the platform that the base of the antenna is mounted on is wide enough, I should not see it from where I am sitting.
  • Then I am looking at automotive white LED modules, and build them into the leading edge of the wing, one in each wing.