Unloaded the Kitset

Just unloaded the box. Lots of tubes, fuel tank, 2 wheels, bags with gusset plates rivets and lots of other goodies. Looks great !!!!

If I get the time tomorrow I might start with the Rudder, that will be interesting.

You can see my work bench here. 3 Saw horses, 3 bits of 2 x 6 to support 2 sheets of ply 1.2m x 2.4m. Against the wall on the left you see one more piece of ply with  bits of 2 x 6 screwed onto. When I am working on the fuselage, I can then extend the workbench to 7.2m!


Picked up the kitset !!!!! :-)

Today I am taking the trailer into work. Picking up the kit set from Hilton Transport Ltd in Heathcote in Christchurch. This was very exciting to finally have that 4m long box on the trailer. At home I quickly took the lid off, that was secured with 100 or more screws.

This is so unreal to finally see all the bits and have them in my hands.


In the last few months I have been studying 1400 photos of Pascal Kremer’s Bleriot when he was building Roberts first Bleriot kit set with Robert. This is going to be GREAT. I quickly emailed all my “plane friends” the good news !