Cabine and lift structure

The Cabine is the structure on top of the fuselage, from which steel cables come down to carry the wings while the Bleriot is “parked”. Today I braced this, see below.


And the lift structure, is where cables go up from, to the back spar of the wing, carrying the Bleriot while its flying. The lift wires going to the front spar, come up from the landing gear. Also this lift structure is braced today πŸ™‚



Entry points for the aileron control tubes

Yesterday I did bend both diagonals, and started installing the first one.

Today I installed the second one. Also started with the entry points for the aileron control tubes that are attached to these diagonals. Here you can see the reason why I waited so long with all of this. It has to be in perfect position and if the diagonal would have been like all the other ones, straight, it would have been in the way for this aileron control.


Last diagonal

Today I stayed sick home, but couldn’t sit still, so did a few things…..

Checked out the last missing diagonal now I know where the control tube of the aileron go’s “into” the fuselage. You can see that the end is going to be bend and fit nicely in between the two tubes that are already there. This diagonal only just misses the control tube of the aileron. This is exactly what I wanted, as this way I can rivet a gusset plate to it with a hole, so the fabric can be fixed with glue around the tube controlling the aileron.

I will make the diagonal on the other side identical for obvious reasons πŸ™‚



Rolled the Bleriot outside

Did it !! Β Β Finished the second tyre this morning, in only 3 hours and 5 minutes πŸ™‚ I must be getting a lot better doing it, but glad its done. Off to the closest petrol station and pumped up that tyre. Back home straight to the fuselage to put both wheels on, and rolled my Bleriot outside.

The front looks a bit funny with only the front covered with the ply. Just remember that 2 more sections are going to be covered with fabric.




Feels great sitting in it !!!!! πŸ™‚


Next the engine. That’s going to be exciting………………………….

A year later …….


30 PSI for now

Today went to a petrol station at lunchtime to pump up the tyre, but wasn’t sure what pressure to go to. Luckily there was a biker pumping up his tyre as well, so I asked. He said he always went up to 34, so I figured I would get to 30 PSI for now.

I pressurized the tyre but one part didn’t pop into the rim, and I thought that it was the tube stuck or doubled up there. So I deflated it and went back to work. I rang the motorbike shop I got the tyre from and asked. They said you can easily pump it up to 100 PSI to pop it into place and then deflate it. So after work, drove past another petrol station, pumped it up to 50, and yes after a minute it popped nicely into place. Then let some air out and now its just beautiful. Really happy with the result !!!!!