After adjustments engine frame good to go

Another long night in the garage last night and early this morning at work finishing the last few tubes for the engine frame. So its all finished now, and dropped the whole jig with tubes of at an engineering shop for welding.

This means I should get it back before the weekend, so I can mount the engine !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bit of a setback…

I picked up the engine frame after it was welded, and all 4 engine mounts have moved closer together by about 2 to 5mm. Didn’t want that to happen, so first thing tomorrow morning I am going back trying to find a solution.

Re welding bits which I don’t like, or finding other shock absorbers that have a non centric hole, so the mounting point can be moved slightly by rotating the shock absorber…..

Will keep you posted πŸ™‚

Yes engine frame seems to be fixed now, just tried it on the engineΒ  πŸ™‚
Paint it tomorrow and then onto the fuselage !


Cutting steel

After some preparations my dad did last week, I started building up the engine frame. I made a jig to hold the 4 engine mount bits of steel tube that will contain the shock absorber rubbers.
Started cutting the bits of steel that need to be welded into it.
The engine will point down 2deg and right 2deg. A bit scary, when you see it as its really obvious….



Starting the engine frame

I started with the preparations for welding the engine frame. The engine frame determines the position of the engine.

So to balance the plane, I need to finish most of the work on the Bleriot so I can “weight” the wheels and the stick, and calculate the position of the engine.

For the welding I am making a jig that holds the 4 engine mounts in front of the steel frame that has been mounted at the front of the fuselage.Β For this I got the round 4130 * 0.049 steel tubes, a sheet of MDF board a few threaded rods, nuts and washers.Β Still the wings to paint but this coming weekend I am hopefully ready to do my calculations.

More to be revealed soon πŸ™‚

Weight of engine

Decided a little while ago that I wasn’t going to try this “new” magneto and adjust the contacts in the distributor until the engine is on the plane in its final place….

Just to save time. Might as well do it all at the very end, when the plane is ready and the engine goes on.

Got a chain hoist from work to lift it from the trailer (below left) and was using the bathroom scales to measure the weight (below right) Its 118.5kg, including the 2 bits of angled steel.



So the weight of the engine with the red engine frame and the 2 bits of L profile steel is 118.5Kg


Minus 13.2 Kg for the 2 bracing bits of the same steel with the same length is:
105.3 Kg for the engine, assuming that my new engine frame will be similar in weight.

Just looked up the weight of the Rotec engine Pascal used, the R2800. That one is 102Kg, so just perfect !!!!

Its identical, if the red engine frame is 3 Kg………..

Running faster

Yes carburetor is working a lot better now !!! πŸ™‚ I can open the throttle a bit more now and the engine goes faster, that’s what we want!!!

I don’t run it to fast on this frame on the trailer as I don’t trust it, so that will have to wait till its on the proper frame on the fuselage when the whole plane is finished.

Having a “Start the engine BBQ” tomorrow, so all just finished in time !!! πŸ™‚