Elevator cables

Yesterday I picked up the cable guides for the elevator, and today (after dropping of my parents at the airport who flew back home to the Netherlands) I started doing the cables for the elevator. Yes looking good, but might have to do one more little thing. In neutral position, the two cables are nice and tight but going forward and backwards, the is less tension in the cables. Maybe it needs a spring.





More guides welded

Yes made up the cable guides at lunchtime and dropped them of at the engineering place, were Isaac is going to do a bit more welding form me so I can pick it up tomorrow and install the whole elevator control system on Saturday 🙂

In the mean time I also need to do some daytime work and have a family in the evening. But soon it will be finished 🙂

Electrics for rudder

After our big TV day last Sat, back into it.
With my parents here on holiday for the last week, can’t spend to much time, but yesterday and today I worked with my dad on the rudder to get the anti collision light in to it. Trying to get wires through the aluminium tubes isn’t easy sometimes, but almost there. The light is on the rudder, wiring coming out and a string at the moment through a longeron of the fuselage, so hopefully tomorrow just pulling through that wire and job done.
Light looks good on the rudder, or I should say hard to see, because thats what I wanted. Will show you soon.