Skid shoe

Last time Evan flew the Bleriot, the skid snapped of. Probably because the weld of the bracket holding it wasn’t the best.

That bracket is fixed now, but at the same time we noticed that the skid started wearing quite a bit.

Were it’s going over the runway was all flat with square edges, and that probably resulted in the skid snapping as it happened when Evan was turning.
So to fix / improve that, I started making a shoe that goes over the skid or stick.

Had a bit of steel left over of the safety harness support frame, and shaped it so it had nice round edges, made cuts in it so it can be bend to the right shape and then welded.

Made an extra strip for more wear protection to go at the bottom of the shoe.

That should do the trick 😊

Secure harness

Top of harness

Have thought for a while to secure the top of the safety harness to the metal frame that holds it up. Up to now that triangle steel “ring” was just sitting in the top of that bar, BUT

Today I made two little steel cables with thimbles on the end. Drilled little holes in the tube exactly where thimble sits, and by pushing a pin through there, the harness is secure and can’t fall of the frame anymore 🙂

Hold down strap
Hold down strap

Mounted seat

Finally riveted the seat down on the fuselage. I haven’t finished the seat yet as I was going to cover it with leather, but there is no time for that now. That can come later. Just need a little pillow in it for now and that will do I think.

Also started working on the electrics, wiring up the instruments. Hopefully that will be done in a few days.