Old exhaust nuts and stub

After calculating the weight of the new exhaust I wanted to make, and getting the quote for making the exhaust bends, I decided to go for it.

Sorry Warren, I am going to cut the stubs with the seal and the fitting nuts of the ring exhaust. Tomorrow I am going to order the 5 bend bits of exhaust pipe.

Here you see 4 short and one longer stub. The stubs fit into the cylinder exhaust connection and are clamped into position with a nut (see previous post)

The longer one, is 1.5″ longer = the diameter of the exhaust. I have done this so the top exhaust stub that’s longer as well, can go side by side with the next one to the left. Below a sketch.

When I get the bend exhaust tubes, I will have them welded to the 5 bits in the photo above.

When it’s all welded and fitted you will see….. 😊

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