AL 4, circuits and new landing gear

As KNZ has a new, wider landing gear, Terry asked me to go for a fly with the two of us. Basically a new landing gear means this will change it’s behavior. Also whenever you start flying a different plane, you do that with an instructor.

So yes I knew it was going to be different. A wider landing gear reduces the change of a ground loop (the plane spinning around) usually when touching down.

But wasn’t expecting that the plane would also change direction quicker, at any change. Like touching down on one wheel first or even a little bit more resistance on one wheel because of an uneven surface of the landing strip. But it makes sense, if you over exaggerate the wheel spacing. With the wheels at the wing tips just the slightest force would make the plane change direction !

Terry tells me that he thinks it handles a lot easier, but that’s because he had a lot more experience.

To me it’s like I need to apply a lot more corrections, while landing, but also during take-offs.

This just means more practicing, going around and around (the circuit), and get this new landing gear under control.

Also still practicing my flaring.

So yes flying circuits isn’t boring it means a lot of things to do = practice 😊

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