AL 3, circuits

Yep back flying today, just circuits. Need to get that flare back under control.

If there is one wind direction I don’t like it’s a North Easter. This wind direction means you use RW07, and in the final stages of the landing, there are a whole lot of hangars on your left, resulting in turbulent air.

The idea I think is to keep flying a bit further until I am past the hangars. Also with all this turbulent air, you “fly” the plane down with a bit of power. The reason is that there is the NE wind up higher, but in the last few meter that wind suddenly disappears, resulting in a fast drop.

So yes with that wind, any wind I suppose that can create turbulence, you need to be on your toes !!!

And yes the other thing is keeping the wings level. A general rule is to move the stick towards the direction where the wind comes from making sure that the wing on the “wind side” doesn’t get pushed up. But during one landing I must gave given it a bit to much. The left wing touched the runway for a fraction of a second. Luckily I corrected that quickly.

But yes it shows, I need more training in “cross wind” landings !  🙂

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