AL 2, back after 9 weeks

Yes, been on holiday to The Netherlands since I got my Advanced Local license, then a few bad weather weekends, then I had to go on holiday again, tramping in the Aspiring National Park 🙂 and now, yes I can fly again !!

My instructor Terry offered to hop in the plane with me to see if my memory and instinct was still working after not having flown for 9 1/2 weeks.

All went well, after a few little comments, except for my flares, the very last thing of landing. This is also the one routine I had most problems with during my training when I switched over to this taildragger.
But yes after a few circuits it got better and better. Terry hopped out of the plane and I did a few more circuitrs, solo this time. But yes this flare is something that needs reminding/practicing all the time, also under different conditions! So next time I will be doing just circuits, low level if its nice and quiet, so I can do more of them !  🙂

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