Very big tappet clearance

Yes decided to see if the Bleriot was still there. Have been busy getting my Advanced Local pilot license last year Oct and Nov, been on holiday to The Netherlands in Nov, then on Xmas holidays tramping in Aspiring National Park….

Its been since July that I last worked on the engine. So I checked the 5 front spark plugs that were still loose and disconnected, cleaned that one black one again, and connected the ignition wires. Next I thought, might as well check the tappet clearance, just in case.
And GUESS WHAT !!!!!! The exhaust clearance of the dirty cylinder wasn’t 15 thou (about 0.4mm) that is should be but 4 – 5mm !!!!!!!!! No wonder that cylinder had problems breathing. That exhaust would have been open for a very short time during the exhaust cycle.

So fixed that clearance setting and tried starting the engine, only to find out that my battery had died, well pretty sure, so will check it out later at home.

That was that session, but quite stoked having found this one issue. Its been there since July. Still think that my old carb is the way to go for now so will stick with that one !

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