AL 1, my first Advanced Local flight !

Only one day before I go on holiday, back to The Netherlands to see my family. Its my dad’s 80th, looking forward to that !

After getting my Advanced Local Licence a week and a half ago, I really wanted to have a little flight, my first Advanced Local flight, before my big trip. This Thursday morning was perfect, made a 0.9hr flight, just after 0700 so I wouldn’t be to late for work.

A bit of a frost at home on the lawn, so when I got to the hangar and pulled KNZ outside, I topped her up with fuel, checked the coolant and the oil before I ran the engine for a few minutes, to warm it up. That was followed by my pre-flight checks. All good.

And my flight. Yes took off from Rangiora, flew West to Oxford, turned around, towards home, over Forest Field, via Cust and Back to Rangiora. Here I joined, and completed my flight with a glide-approach a big side-slip, and a perfect landing 🙂

Yes this (glide-approach and side-slip) is something I want to do as often as possible, to be prepared for a no engine event (engine failure)! Being able to land like this gives you a better chance to get into a paddock and land properly.

I mounted my little video camera to my head-set and recorded the whole flight. Below is just a bit 🙂

0:00 – Intro
0:15 – Take-off on RWY25, vacating the circuit, tracking Oxford
2:16 – Getting closer to Oxford, pointing where it is 🙂
3:07 – Flying over home @ 3:42, with big dairy farm (our neighbour) on the left
4:00 – Joining Rangiora circuit, checking out a plane who’s just taking off on RWY07
4:29 – Descended to 1000ft AGL into cross-wind over the RWY25 threshold, and last check of the windsock. Yes its RWY07
5:06 – Reaching the end of down-wind, initiating a glide-approach, engine idle, sweeping turn followed by a side-slip into RWY07
Next time I need to create a bit more of a gentle turn as I was a bit to high, but all good. Keep on practicing!!!

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  1. You’re becoming a real Gopro expert–and more importantly, a real pilot! It’s a pleasure to see/read your accounts Gert which having been-there-done-that sort of thing, it’s easy to relate to your growing accomplishments, and recall parallel endeavours. Enjoy your visit ‘home’. You will have much to recount to your Dad!
    Cheers, Neville

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