AL 1, my first Advanced Local flight !

Only one day before I go on holiday, back to The Netherlands to see my family. Its my dad’s 80th, looking forward to that !

After getting my Advanced Local Licence a week and a half ago, I really wanted to have a little flight, my first Advanced Local flight, before my big trip. This Thursday morning was perfect, made a 0.9hr flight, just after 0700 so I wouldn’t be to late for work.

A bit of a frost at home on the lawn, so when I got to the hangar and pulled KNZ outside, I topped her up with fuel, checked the coolant and the oil before I ran the engine for a few minutes, to warm it up. That was followed by my pre-flight checks. All good.

And my flight. Yes took off from Rangiora, flew West to Oxford, turned around, towards home, over Forest Field, via Cust and Back to Rangiora. Here I joined, and completed my flight with a glide-approach a big side-slip, and a perfect landing 🙂

Yes this (glide-approach and side-slip) is something I want to do as often as possible, to be prepared for a no engine event (engine failure)! Being able to land like this gives you a better chance to get into a paddock and land properly.

I mounted my little video camera to my head-set and recorded the whole flight. Below is just a bit 🙂

0:00 – Intro
0:15 – Take-off on RWY25, vacating the circuit, tracking Oxford
2:16 – Getting closer to Oxford, pointing where it is 🙂
3:07 – Flying over home @ 3:42, with big dairy farm (our neighbour) on the left
4:00 – Joining Rangiora circuit, checking out a plane who’s just taking off on RWY07
4:29 – Descended to 1000ft AGL into cross-wind over the RWY25 threshold, and last check of the windsock. Yes its RWY07
5:06 – Reaching the end of down-wind, initiating a glide-approach, engine idle, sweeping turn followed by a side-slip into RWY07
Next time I need to create a bit more of a gentle turn as I was a bit to high, but all good. Keep on practicing!!!