Flight 59/60, Advanced Local Pilot Licence !!!

I took half a day off from work yesterday morning (Friday). Had a 1 1/2 hr lesson from Dave as preparation for my Advanced Local flight test today. As I had been flying with Terry for the last few months and he is new to instructing, yesterday was a good test to see if I was ready for it.

Well definitely a few thing to brush up there. Mainly theoretical things, procedures:

HASELL; the things to check before doing Stalls:

  • Height; enough, more then 2000ft, so its safe to stall as you easily drop a few hundred feet
  • Air-frame; plane configured correct, flaps neutral, engine ready to idle
  • Security; safety harness tight, no loose objects
  • Engine; enough fuel, temperatures correct, fuel pump on
  • Locality; stay away from build up areas
  • Lookout; to a 360 turn to see if there is no one around

And what to do in case of an Engine Failure:

  • Glide, nose down and maintain the optimum glide speed (least amount of drop per minute)
  • Wind-direction, know where the wind comes from to select a landing spot
  • Field-selection, find a nice long enough field, no animals, no fences, no power lines, no trees on start of field
  • Plan-descend, visualise the descend path, know when to turn into finals
  • Engine-final-check and Plan-descend; see if there is a reason for the engine failure; fuel, switches AND plan descend again
  • May-Day-radio-call and Plan-descend; send MayDay, MayDay, MayDay, CallSign, CallSign, CallSign, Location, # PeopleOnBoard, EngineFailure
  • Brief-passenger; tell him to secure safety harness, explain where we are landing, tel him to look out for houses so we know were to go after the landing

So yes last night I did some learning…

And also I wasn’t aggressive enough with my stalls. A bit scared from my side I suppose. After closing the throttle, raise the nose, and gently pull the stick ALL the way towards you. Wait for the stall (and apply opposite rudder when one wing drops to prevent a spin) then move stick forward 2 inch, apply power and pull up again. From the moment it starts stalling you are looking at the ground!! and that looks scary but because you have lots of height when practicing, thats all good. Just need to do it lots and get used to it. All practice for the day when it happens when you don’t expect it.

And the last thing I had to brush up a bit was my side slipping. Also not aggressive enough. Full right ruder and left aileron and forward stick to maintain a good speed. That will get you down, loose altitude really quick. This is mainly used with forced landings, and to a lesser extend with normal landings when the engine is working. But even here, a normal landing, you always need to be prepared for an engine failure, so I should always be too high and side-slip the last bit into the runway so I always have enough height in case the engine does fail….

We also did something new. Slow flying. Basically slow the engine a bit, pull up the nose and maintain the same height. Then slowly drop the engine speed and raise the nose more to maintain the same height. All that time the plane goes slower and slower, eventually well below the stall speed. But because the engine is blowing more down now you’re not falling out of the sky…… The reason for all of this is to experience that at this stage the ailerons stop working so stick sideways stick is hardly doing anything or nothing at all. The only thing that works is the rudder. So yes that was a first for me but Dave talked me through it and it worked !

So yes today, as you can see below, a perfect day. Did all the things we practiced yesterday and implemented all the procedures I rehearsed last night. Also did turns, left and right, gentle and steep while maintaining height. Did lots of stalls, and all going well. Did some forced landings, did’t get down fast enough down for the first one, but second and third one were good enough. When we joined the circuit again, after the first touch and go did an engine failure practice straight after take-off, landing in the river bed, just beside the air-field, down to 20ft….. Also did a final with to much height and aggressively side slipping into the runway….

When stopped at the club house (see below) Dave told me I had passed !!

YEAH    Advanced Local now. Can fly anytime withing a 50 nautical miles radius now, outside controlled air space  🙂

Advanced Local pilot licence 🙂

In the instructor room we filled in the RAANZ upgrade forms. So its all official now !!!!

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  1. Champion , Gert! You’re an exemplary pilot with your earnest efforts to improve your skills—and as the results confirm, you’re a winner!! Well done. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog and admired your candid honesty. Few folk openly admit their mistakes. Your Bleriot is destined to fly with safe hands at the controls. Watching and waiting with continued interest for the next milestone!
    Cheerio, Neville

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