Flight 54, XC to Culverden

Today I did my first real Cross Country (XC) lesson. Got an email from Terry a few days ago with his plan to fly with me to Culverden. This is about 50km in a straight line North of Rangiora.

It was a bit foggy this morning at home, but some of my plane friends told me it was nice and clear in Rangiora, so all good !

Left home at 0700, to prepare the plane and be ready for 0800. Just a beautiful day again.

Filling up

Today I mounted a camera on my headset (see photo below taken mid flight) to show you what it looks like during the flight 🙂

Terry (left) and me

The video you see below is a bit on an angle, sorry… Yes in the video, you see my cap on the left. The video is 5 bits joined together:

  • 0:00 / 2:21 : Taking of in Rangiora
  • 2:21 / 4:42 : Flying towards the Hurunui river
  • 4:42 / 5:35 : Air strip in Culverden in sight
  • 5:35 / 6:12 : Flying in cross wind, last good check of runway
  • 6:12 / 6:57 : Landing in Culverden

So yes, flew from Rangiora, via Amberley (just to the West) where I changed frequency as that area is using a different radio frequency. Then via the Weka Pass to the Hurunui township, and towards Culverden. On the way I made about 4 or 5 radio calls to tell “every one” where I was, how high I was flying and where I was going ……

The air strip in Culverden is long and nice and smooth, owned by the local council. So when I arrived at 1500ft above ground level, I had a good look at the wind sock to find out the wind direction and decided to land on the “Northern Vector”, descending to 1000ft on the non-traffic side of the circuit into the wind. Then fly through the cross wind part of the circuit, into the downwind sector, still at 1000ft. Finally descending through the base sector to 500ft, and turning into the final sector into the wind again and landed.

Just landed in Culverden

We had some morning tea and a drink. before I went flying again. On my own this time, doing 3 circuits. Somehow my landings get better every time. must be getting used to doing it ! Nice photo below of me landing 🙂

Solo landing in Culverden

After my 3rd circuit, Terry jumped into the plane again, and we flew back to Rangiora. Same route: 3000ft over the Weka Pass, 2500ft past Amberley, and down to 1700ft towards Rangiora. There I did a right hand circuit and landed on runway 25 (magnetic direction 250deg) and made a perfect landing.

Yes Terry was very happy with how I did everything, and cleared me to do XC trips !!!  I still need to call him before I go but good progress today !!!!!

Terry just checked with Mike, another instructor. They want me to do a solo XC now from Rangiora, to Oxford, to Amberley and back to Rangiora. This is about an 1 hr trip ! So that’s what I will be planning for next Saturday hopefully  🙂  🙂  !!!!

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