Flight 48, just solo

Yep, more solo today. First time, without instructor Terry for first few circuits.

Was a nice day but there were North Easterlies developing, creating bumpy conditions, tossing me around a bit while up there 🙂

This made the landings a bit trickier. One of the reasons as I was flying a bit faster during landing to compensate for the wind gusts and turbulence around the hangars on final at RWY07 here in Rangiora. So yes a few landings were bumpy, ballooned a little bit. But all about learning I suppose.

Terry and Mike Small, watching me were not concerned. Yes their comments were that my speed was probably a bit on the high side.

But yes, feeling good after today !

1 thought on “Flight 48, just solo

  1. You bet we were watching! (we always are)
    And you did a pretty good job Gert – great to see you learning from your own experience.
    When the wind at Rangiora is from the NE, we always get some turbulence from all the hangers and buildings.
    You can get quite noticeable wind shear on the threshold of 25 when the wind is from the SW. That copse of pine trees adjacent to the runway is the culprit, so you need to fly a little faster to manage that. Within reason, never be afraid of landing long.


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