TV episode by TeRadar

After two years, the recordings were finally shown on TV here:

This evening marks one hundred years since curious spectators in Auckland craned their necks to witness one of the first flights in New Zealand made by a Government owned aircraft.  Joseph Joel Hammond of the Royal Flying Corps was at the controls of the ‘Britannia’ and in the passenger seat, perhaps the most sought after seat in the country, was Miss Esmee McLennan, an actress.  This was the day when Auckland had its own ‘Come Josephine in my Flying Machine’ moment, only her name was Esmee, not Josephine, and the pilot was about to get into a whole heap of trouble over it.

Exciting day

Exciting day today ! Took the trailer home.

This weekend, cleaning and painting. Then later lights, and ply wood in the “wing department” 😊

Going to get a cover to go over the wings….

The blue bit at the back is 4 concrete bags (160kg) to balance the trailer. Driving went really well, very happy.

A BIG THANKS TO Isaac from HRN Ltd for welding it all up. He did most other welding jobs on my plane as well !

More rpm’s

Today I had a lot of help from Wayne, setting up the mixture with my SU carburetor. He knows engines !!! 😊

And guess what, with the slightly higher compression, I get about 2100 rpm, that’s 100 higher.

But I do notice that the engine is getting hotter quicker. Can’t be running full power for 5 min on the ground but that’s ok. When flying it will get enough cooling 😊

So now it’s s matter of editing for a good day and try it out !!!!!