Lesson 40, …..circuits

Early morning start again 😊 Thanks Dave !!!!!

No isobars today, but still a North Easterly picking up. Enough wind with varying speeds, from an angle, like 10 o’clock while landing that you need make adjustments all the time. Trying to fly at 50knots at the final stage of the landing is not that easy but if you’re going too fast, there’s a big chance of ballooning. Want to get rid of that speed just before rounding out.

Had a few really nice landings but a few that needed improvement…

Afterwards we stopped to talk to a few of my plane people including Paul, the owner of KNZ. He made a photo of me 😊 :

Dave said, just need a few nice calm days, before you go solo in KNZ !!!

Picked up my new piston’s

I have the new piston’s now, nice and shiny. First job is to file the rings so the gab is about 0.02″ That might be a big job, 15 rings to do. Checking to see if they fit while I go.

Not a lot else to say, just nice and interesting.

Above you see two angled surfaces to keep the clearance for the valves, and the round cutouts, for the spark plugs and a channel to create a flame front that go’s on an angle creating a flame front that swirls, better combustion !

Lesson 38, and more circuits

Sunday today, got txt from Dave “Hi Gert. Lite NW at RT. Reckon it will be OK. Ready to fly at 0830?  D

When I left home, felt a North West wind gust, but the closer I got to Rangiora (RT) the calmer the weather.

Refueled KNZ, and started my lesson.

First circuit was at full circuit height (1000ft AGL) but that was to bumpy, so the remainder, we did at low level (500ft AGL). No more bumps 😊

Take offs are going a lot better now, and yes had some good landings as well

But yes the timing of the roundout is very important.

Did some glide approaches, a bit of side slipping to lose extra height….

Yes all in all a good lesson !

Skid shoe

Last time Evan flew the Bleriot, the skid snapped of. Probably because the weld of the bracket holding it wasn’t the best.

That bracket is fixed now, but at the same time we noticed that the skid started wearing quite a bit.

Were it’s going over the runway was all flat with square edges, and that probably resulted in the skid snapping as it happened when Evan was turning.
So to fix / improve that, I started making a shoe that goes over the skid or stick.

Had a bit of steel left over of the safety harness support frame, and shaped it so it had nice round edges, made cuts in it so it can be bend to the right shape and then welded.

Made an extra strip for more wear protection to go at the bottom of the shoe.

That should do the trick 😊

Lesson 37, circuits 😊

Another nice morning, 2 weeks since my last lesson, and we did just lots of circuits, with some variations like glide approach, side slipping, some stop/starts, low level circuits……

But the big thing, and I have mentioned it before is speed control. Make sure the speed goes down enough when landing, and be prepared to control the rudder, lots of bursts left and right while landing especially. When taking off, push stick forward as soon as I make speed to raise the nose…….

I really think I need to prepare myself mentally with all these tips before every lesson, while it’s not an automatic behaviour yet.