I have known for a while that one day I would loose my good old Rans, the club plane I have been getting lessons in since day one. As the club is modernizing and bought a new Tecnam, the Rans had to go.

Today it was official, it has been sold to a local guy, so might still see it flying around…….

But the timing isn’t to bad. I always wanted to switch to a “Tail Dragger” for lessons, as my Bleriot is a tail dragger.

Some guy’s at the club started talking about organizing a plane for this, half a year ago as there is a shortage of instruction in these tail draggers. Flying is identical but taking off and landing is VERY different.

Just today I have been to the meeting of the new tail dragger club, going to be called “Southern Taildraggers“. I offered to create a website for the group, for at least the booking system so people can see if the plane is available. Working on that website right now… www.southerntaildraggers.co.nz

Looking forward to the next step in the process of flying my Bleriot  🙂

From the RANZ my old club plane: ZK-JOR

My club plane

To a Kitfox of the Southern Taildraggers : ZK-KNZ

First tail dragger for lessons