More power please

Today I started my search for more power after the first successful flight last week.

After talking with Wayne from Rangiora Light Aviation who has his hangar next to mine, I changed my mind about what’s next 🙂

I am just going to list the points of action, and will elaborate a bit more in the coming days 🙂

  1. Advance the timing about 10 degrees so that the mixture valve closes earlier. Although I am not so convinced now, after I had another look at the timing diagrams I made earlier of the valve position in relation of the crank shaft. I want to have another good look at them, and show Wayne.
  2. Run engine with 92 octane petrol instead of 100 octane. Also advance to ignition timing from 30 to 25 deg.
  3. Create more compression by removing  1 mm of material of the bottom of the cylinder, resulting in a smaller combustion chamber.

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