No change with inlet clearance increase

Just made some adjustments to the inlet valve tappet clearance. Going to start the engine and see if that made any difference. I was preparing myself for a difficult start, as it didn’t start easily last Saturday when we had the nice frost.

But no, it started straight away 🙂

I don’t like the oil pressure readings when its cold. The oil must be so thick that it has problems going through the narrow passages. Very high, so I basically very slowly ramp up the revs of the engine. When the engine gets warmer, it drops more and more.

OK back to engine performance. NO the valve timing change hasn’t done anything. Still a static engine speed of 1900 rpm.

So next time I will increase the exhaust tappet clearance to 0.35″ and set the inlet clearance back to .015″, see what that does.

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