More power

Spent most of the day on the engine.

Silly me, I noticed last Saturday that I forgot two disks that suppose to go “inside”. They are just where the shafts driving the magneto’s come out at the back. Took me three hours to fix that, so not to bad.

After that it was time for the magneto’s, and setting the timing for them.

I was getting nervous as the big moment came closer. Has all this work, investigating how the timing works, changing the timing to what we think is “perfect” worked?

The engine started as usual with one swing. I hopped in and waited for it to warm up a bit and slowly opened up the throttle. All looked good. Then after a few minutes I opened up the throttle and YES making about 200 rpm more.


This increase in engine speed equates to a theoretical power increase of :

( 1900rpm / 1700rpm ) ** 3 = 1.40 = 40{7d16e8204fe0e6723feb9d00795e42e38ac880e6f88f519e81a8ab927d02eaa1}

That should be enough to fly !! 🙂

So I emailed my test pilot Evan the news. Now its waiting for a nice weekend. Not coming weekend, its going to be wet and strong winds……


All my plane friends were happy for me. I am cautiously happy, wanting to see it fly first before I celebrate.

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