Al valves set

As symmetrical as possible, looking good I think.

All angles measured relative to the TDC of each piston.
The goal was to have all valves fully open at -120deg (exh) and +120deg (mix), because the seoaration between exh fully open and mix fully open is 240deg. All symmetrical.

I set the CAM timing using the valve positions of the #1 cylinder.

That’s looking very good, if you keep in mind that the remaining pistons (#2 – 5) are driven my the master rod, and the valves of these remaining cylinders are all driven by the common CAM. Proves that the TDC separation of all 5 pistons is close enogh to 360/5 = 72 deg….

I think I am happy with these figures.

Valve Open/Close timing #1/2/3/4/5
Starting to open [deg]Fully open[deg]Closed [deg]
#1 Exhaust-254-120+14
#1 Mixture-11+119+254
#2 Exhaust-254-116+22
#2 Mixture-15+122+254
#3 Exhaust-263-122+15
#3 Mixture-14+119+247
#4 Exhaust-249-114+20
#4 Mixture-16+125+266
#5 Exhaust-258-121+12
#5 Mixture-22+118+253


Next is putting the back of the engine back on, oil pump, oil hoses and magneto’s…..
Can’t wait to see the result 🙂

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