Setting valve timing continued

After my solo flight today  !!!!!!!!  I continued setting valves.

All these measurements are relative to each piston TDC (top dead center) time

This is what I have so far:

Valve Open/Close timing #1/2/5
Starting to open [deg]Fully open[deg]Closed [deg]
#1 Exhaust-254-120+14
#1 Mixture-11+119+254
#2 Exhaust-254-116+22
#2 Mixture-15+122+254
#5 Exhaust-258-121+12
#5 Mixture-22+118+253


Very happy with this so far, looking good. Next time I will do the last two valves.

All I am doing really is setting the tappet clearance, and the checking what the valves do as the cam timing was set at the beginning when I did valves for cylinder #1. Everything else should be correct, and it looks like they all are !!  🙂

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