Symmetrical CAM timing

Today I have been modifying the cam timing, to make them symmetrical.
And guess what it seems to work.
Below is the “vernier adjustment” I think Wayne called it. by taking the 4 bolts out and re positioning it in the next 4 holes, there is a fractional angle change. And because the cam shaft is geared, rotating this ring once around , you have a whole new set of options, but all slightly shifted again.


But the most interesting thing is, when I was talking with Wayne again, and showed him the brass plate at the front of the engine:


he, Wayne said, why don’t you work backwards, now the engine is set up correctly, and set the tappet clearance to 35 thou and check if the exhaust closes when the cylinder gets to TDC.
And indeed that worked for cylinder #2 and #5 !!!!!!
So the instructions have been correct all the time.
So now I need to find out why that didn’t work with cylinder #1. That’s next weeks job.

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