My parents

My parents are here at the moment and also one of their best friends, Piet Hubregtse, just for the day. One of his reasons for popping in was, you guest it, looking at the plane and the engine.
He is a mechanical engineer has been working on ships with big, I mean big engines most of his working career. He really liked seeing the Velie and could tell me about all the little details that “proved” to me that he knew what he was talking about 🙂
Also learned a few new things.
First was the rings in the piston, there are 3 rings, the top two look identical and are for sealing, knew that, but the 3rd one apparently is an oil scraper. Now if you look at one of my pictures with the pistons on it you will see that this ring is sort of a double ring. And because its the “lowest” ring I suppose that’s what it does, scrape the oil for the inside of the cylinder wall.
When looking at the fuel tank he also told me about condensation, and I sort of knew but this confirmed it. When not using the plane you need to keep the tank full or empty, but full is better I think. This way with changing temperatures during day and night, no air is sucked up (when its cooling down) getting moisture inside the tank. This will over time create condensation that will go down to the sump. So make sure you empty that before flying.
Apart from that he was just very impressed with the plane and engine. So it was great to have someone here liking what I am doing. I must be doing something right 🙂

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