Lobs interaction

Tonight I did another set of measurements on the CAM basically, checking how the 3 lobs interact with all 10 valves.
​Also here is the spread sheet: xxxxx
Some bad things there:
A big LSA (Lobe Separation Angle).
There is something not right about the exhaust of cylinder #1. Its exhaust valve open time is longer then the inlet valve open time. They should be equal.
Also look at the time the exhaust valve opens before the piston gets to the BDC (Bottom Dead Center), that’s massive!!
That last one is the thing that’s going to make the biggest improvement in power output of this engine, I would say !!! 🙂

CAM expert

Today Warren and I went to visit a CAM expert company in town, Kelford CAMS. They look like a very knowledgeable company. Been talking with Phil, and we decided to look into two things.
They are going to look at re-grinding the CAM, to make the 3 lobes the same shape as they are slightly different at the moment, and also the are going to make them narrower, as they are to wide ” the valve is open to long”.
We, Warren and I, are going to move the timing of the two valves, the LSA closer together.
All of this will as a result theoretically produce more power. So very exciting times !!!!   🙂

Valve position measurements

Today did a whole lot of measurements, close to 400, measuring the position of the exhaust and inlet valve against the crank shaft angle.

So will start entering all the data in a spread sheet, and do some graph magic…






Above you see the overlap measured at a 6 thou opening. It measures about 30 deg, where as normally its about 60 deg. So it looks like the exhaust can indeed be delayed quite a bit….

Lets wait for the comments from the CAM specialist and then decide how we are going to make adjustments  🙂

Just looking at these  two graphs, we (Warren and me) have the feeling we can delay the exhaust valve by quite a bit, resulting in loosing less exhaust gas that is suppose to push the piston down.

And if you are interested here is the spreadsheet with all the measurements and graphs :xxxxx