Correct tappet clearance

Last Sunday I changed the clearance on all valve tappets to .015″ as they were set wrong, ooops !!!


Today I tried running the engine but died after 1/2 second every time.

Came back today did another check on fuel level in carb, check a little nut on priming valve and tried starting again.

THIS TIME it started perfect as it has the last we while. Turns out that the mixture control push cable was screwed into the carb at a different position, so the mixture had to be pushed further forward. I fixed that now.

When running at full power, I get now more then 1700 rpm, so that sounds promising.
Pat from Rangiora Aircraft Engineering was there as well and checked the speed with his optical tacho, and his was indicating the same as mine so good as well !
He thought the engine sounded really nice

Also checked the mixture at different speeds and apart from full throttle, all other throttle settings, the mixture lever is in the same position for the correct mixture setting, as it should be.
At full throttle where the mixture is slightly rich, I suppose the mixture lever needs to stay where it is, but I do still notice that when the mixture is leaned off, it goes faster again.

So all looking good, and waiting for calmer weather and my test pilot.

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