Compression test

Today we did a compression test to see if there is something wrong, as we still don’t get enough power, see last high speed taxi on 29 Dec 2015.

So we found that all 5 cylinders were good really, the differential pressure was better then 70 / 80 psi.

But after talking about the problems and “going backwards and forward” as we didn’t understand the low power, we started looking at the valve tappet clearance, as that’s quite big, and I did set that at .035″ as stated in the manual, but !!!!

I didn’t see the last sentence in that chapter that said, to set the clearance of all valves at .015″
Turns out the .035″ was just an intermediate value, and they all need to be a lot smaller; .015″

So I am quietly positive that this will give us a lot more power.
Currently the exhaust valve closes to fast, so not all exhaust gasses have been driven out,
and the mixture inlet opens to late so it doesn’t get enough air/fuel mixture. Surely this will result in less power.

So in the next few days hopefully good news !!!!   🙂

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