Mixture control valve

After the first fast taxi yesterday, we decided that the mixture control valve needs to be adjusted. It doesn’t do anything and engine is running rich all the time.
So yes took it home yesterday.

Just finished with it. Took it apart, checked the fuel mixture valve needle, and had to unscrew it, extend it by about 4mm. No wonder it didn’t do anything. now in the lean position, it touches the valve seat. Apparently you lean off an engine to stop it, so I assume that means no fuel, so it needs to touch the valve seat.

Luckily the gasket in between the two halves was still intact, so I used it again, with some new gasket cement. I  like the smell of that stuff  🙂

Thursday I might install the carburetor back on the engine and run it for an hour or so, and play with the mixture control, so I can lean off the engine and get it running like a ……….  Don’t know the word  🙂   (dream maybe)

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