Connected hall sensor

Sun 29 Nov 2015:
Spend 3 hours today connecting up the tacho. Time goes so fast when you are having fun…
The plan was to just connect it and run the engine, plus also add the leather covered back on to the seat.

But didn’t go that fast. Soldering the cable to the 3 individual cables going to the tacho gauge had to be done in open air and took ages, but I got there. Oh yes, there is no power in the hangar, so had to push the plane to another one that had power…
Then I had to take one wing of to get access to the gauge.
Luckily every time I needed help, someone happened to walk past and wanted to look at the plane, so that was lucky as they helped me removing the wing and putting it back on 🙂

So next time when I am back, will run up the engine and see how it goes. Hopefully that will be this Wednesday night after work !!!

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