Mockup ring exhaust

Made the “ring” of the mockup ring exhaust of flexible drainage pipe, and as expected, it looks good.

Next step will be ordering the 1.5″ bits of mild steel to form the stubs that go into the exhaust outlet of the cylinders. They will need some rings welded on and machined to the right shape to suit the exhaust nuts. And when that’s done and mounted into the cylinder exhaust outlets, I am going to do the final measurement of the ring diameter 🙂




Curved surface

Over the last few days I have been gluing a few layers of ply-wood onto the curved side, that’s where the wheel of the plane will sit.


Someone told me to add some “spikes” as-well, so I added some short bolts. The nuts are sort of forced into the ply-wood, so that only the thread of the bolt sticks out. These will stop the chock from moving  🙂



Running pretty good I think

Had the engine running again today after I fixed the float level in the carburetor, and re installed the priming valve.
I assumed that after the lapping I did on this priming valve while still in Omaka, and the good run there, proving that it didn’t leak anymore, that I could try the valve without modifying it.

And yes:

  • Starting is not to hard really right now.
  • Running at idle speed sound nice.
  • And running at sort of max speed sounds very powerful, and I think it’s running good.

Have a look here: