Back in Omaka

Last night Rutger and I drove up from home, so we had some time this morning to get the Bleriot ready for the truck. Expecting the truck here at lunchtime.


Still took us about 2 hours to get the Bleriot ready. Taking out split pins and nuts for the elevator, the split pins securing the clevis pins holding the of steel cables for the wings. Removing the engine oil and fuel, dropping down the suspension of the landing gear so it fits in the truck and probably a few more things.

Loading the plane went well, and after the truck left, spoke with a few more of my plane friends here in Blenheim.
Will miss them, it was a good time here at Omaka!

I will be back with a flying Bleriot in two years !!!

Note it in your calendars: 2017, April 14 Fri, 15 Sat and 16 Sun   🙂

And back in the shed, ready for fixing the carburetor issues and getting an exhaust for the engine, plus a few more little things.


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