First 5 days

This is what happened while in Blenheim during the 5 days I was there as preparation for Omaka. This is 2 weeks before the show at Easter:

Worked for the 5 days trying to get as much as possible finished.


Had the inspector come in on the first day and gave me a few directions on what to change.

Didn’t get enough done to get the plane ready for flying . A number of “small” things left that will be done by the local plane volunteers.
I did get the engine going on my last day (Sunday 22 March). Apart from a little problem getting enough air into the carburetor it runs beautiful. It runs to rich at the moment as the air from the prop is blowing over the carburetor (up draft) is almost sucking the air away from it “we think”. So we are going to make a “air scoop” to catch the air and force into the carb.

But, it runs very nice. Beautiful sound at full speed, nice oil pressure, not hot. All good. And that prop is creating so much thrust, its just UNREAL.

I am super happy.

A shame I had to go back home, and will miss the test flight sometime this week (I hope) just in time for the show end of next week.┬áCan’t wait to come┬áback next week Wednesday with the family!!

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