Sealing the wings

Yesterday and today, a massive job, painting the wings. First a thin coat of the sealer.


And then coat one of three………


The tired but happy painter 🙂

For a weight measurement, I temporarily attached the wings to the fuselage and everything else like control cables, tail anti collision light, instruments, battery and ply panels etc etc. Will detail these tomorrow when I have rested a bit.

But Yes Happy !!
The Bleriot still looks a bit “naked” but give me a bit more time and you will see what my “answer” is to that. It WILL be beautiful 🙂


Yes it was a long long day, but on schedule for a TV recording for a program done by Radar on TV One !!!!

And hopefully flying at the Omaka show in Blenheim this Easter in 6 weeks ……….. So much to do so little time. Lets just hope it can fly by then. Otherwise I will go anyway and show of this beauty 🙂


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