Finishing tape

A long day ahead…. I have the day off.
Not that I am complaining, I am not.
Hopefully I get lots done.

I did in a way, did lots, but I have decided that as with everything on the plane, it takes time. You want to do the job as best as you can without making mistakes.
So I make a few (little mistakes) and fixed and learned:

When you put the finishing tape on I find it the easiest to wet the surface the tape goes on with the sealer first, especially with the finishing tape along the outside. Then wetting the tape so it stick nicely.
BUT remember to wipe of the excess sealer before it dries, as it makes a bit of a mess later on when ironing it.


The sharper curves take a bit more time and its a bit harder to get it done without a few “dents” in the fabric…

Putting the panel into a vice or similar makes life very easy !


At the end of the day I had the above panel completely finished. THE FIRST finished panel !!!!!!!

About an hour left on the rudder for tomorrow ­čÖé

And I started putting fabric on the front panel of the elevator. The bottom side is done.┬áOther side probably goes on Wednesday when my Xmas holiday starts (won’t be a holiday… hoping to spend a lot of time on the fabric jobs).

With these glue jobs, you really want to have some drying time between things you do on a panel. So it really speeds up if you can work on a number of panels at the “same” time.┬áMultitasking !!!

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