Evan Belworthy

Had a second visit from Evan. He did a final inspection of the wings before I start with the fabric. Basically he was happy with all the work I had done, and I even think he looked a little impressed.
Only two comments he made were:
I have to rust protect the steel brackets that are used for the internal bracing cables and the static and the flying cables, so that’s a matter of cleaning them and using the green spray can paint I have used on the fuselage and another coat of paint on top of that.
Plus also the internal bracing wires, where they cross each other and where they touch the bottom rib tube, need to be protected from rubbing, by using a piece of Teflon tube glued to the ribs and similar for the bracing wires where they cross.

So all in all very happy with that.
Also showed him the steel structure that I have made for lifting the shoulder safety belts, and the Rimu veneer I was cutting for the dash board I was working on when he came in.
Then walking into the shed, quickly another look at the engine, which he had seen last year as well when it was apart, and the propeller, made by Chad. He loved it! He knew Chad from the earlier Pietenpol days. So all good 🙂

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