All assembled

And all assembled:


The longeron front is a 1″ tube and the back is a 7/8″ tube slotted in and riveted. As you can see here, this bracket sits on the 7/8″ tube and is butted up to the 1″ tube. This way I don’t have to drill into the longeron and make it weaker !!!!!


The steel structure that sticks through the fabric, and can be removed when showing the plane.


And a closeup of the steel triangle fitting on the support tube.


Two bits of aluminium so the fabric can be glued onto that. Otherwise I would have had just a hole in the fabric that would tear over time I would say……


The whole setup. And just a reminder why I did all this:

The shoulder belts are going to be attached to the two triangle fittings, lifting up the belt above my shoulders. If I didn’t have this, the shoulder belts would have puled my shoulders down. In a crash, that can do a lot of harm, as it will “compact” your spinal cord. But with the mounting points of the shoulder belts higher then the shoulders, that risk is lower !!!!


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