Two missing tubes

As you can see in the photo above on the right, on the “very” clean work bench that I had more then 2 years ago, there were two tubes missing in the front part of the elevator. I left these out on purpose, because they had to line up with the fuselage. So today that was my job. Only need a few more rivets and that will be done. Will make a photo tomorrow night !


Drilled holes in the centre vertical of the rudder for the wiring to come through, to power the anti collision light. Also made a hole in the back of the fuselage, so the wiring goes all the way through the top right longeron of the fuselage.

I am hoping that I can use a vacuum cleaner to suck a string through that longeron and then pull the electric wire afterwards.

The advantage doing it this way is that the aluminium tube acts as a shield, stopping electromagnetic radiation from the wires interfering with the radio. Ah well that’s the plan anyway 🙂

Start of dashboard

Finished the dashboard. Well without instruments 🙂

Also did the support tubing for the upper deck. The back half is going to be permanently riveted down, but the front part will be removable and also has a little “door” in it for access to the fuel tank.



Going to find a veneer to glue against the aluminium of the dashboard that will be great I think 🙂

Upper deck suport

Started with the upper deck, bending a tube that gets riveted against the curved front side of the fuselage. The plan is to have 2 curved tubes, one at the front and one at the back of the upper deck, and maybe one in the middle for support of the sheet that is used for this upper deck.

More in the next few days………..

Aileron control tubes

I didn’t like the way the ailerons work. The lever connected to the aileron is to far away from the bell crank pushing and pulling it.

So I removed the aileron control tubes that were connected to the bell crank. Got a tube of Chromoly steel that I will use to extend the lever that was mounted into the aileron. This way the aileron lever sits right above the bell crank. Still a bit more work to do in the next few days. You will see when I have a bit more to show what is happening 🙂

Cabine and lift structure

The Cabine is the structure on top of the fuselage, from which steel cables come down to carry the wings while the Bleriot is “parked”. Today I braced this, see below.


And the lift structure, is where cables go up from, to the back spar of the wing, carrying the Bleriot while its flying. The lift wires going to the front spar, come up from the landing gear. Also this lift structure is braced today 🙂