Pitot tubes

Today I did the first of two Pitot tubes. I can hear you say two?? Why?¬†Might in the future add another speed measuring device…

First I created a little gusset plate, to go to one side of the of the tip of the 8th rib. Drilled a 1/4″ hole through the leading edge tube.¬†Riveted the gusset plate to the rib. Bend the Pitot tube, positioned it between two rivets (sticking out this way) so it can’t go forward or backwards and finally used stainless steel locking wire to lock it in position. The locking wire is something I came up with at the last moment. I was going to create a little strip of aluminium shape it around the tube and rived it, but that was going to be to hard…..

Happy with the result !

Oh yes, the Pitot tube is just some aluminium 1/4″ 5052-0 tube, softer then all the other tubes, really easy to bend.





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