All but one rib done

Yesterday added a few ribs, and today added the last (except for one). Spend most time today to finish the rib closest to the fuselage. This one has got extra stiff pieces of aluminium as the fabric would otherwise pull it away from the fuselage (see below) when it (fabric) gets installed.


The very last rib to do, is one that wasn’t supplied, so will be adding myself. This rib will be shorter and thinner as it is part of the round tip of the wing, see image on Fri 18 Jul 2014.

The back of this rib will end at the very end of the back spar, shown in the bottom left of the photo below. The front of that rib will be slightly shorter as the other ribs as well, because the leading edge is curving there already.

In about a week after I have “copied” the right wing to the same state as the left wing I will start with the leading and trailing tubes, and the nice curved tube for the wing tip. After that I will create the last rib as just described and attach it to the leading and trailing tubes ! 🙂


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