Navigation and Position lights

Yesterday and today I have been looking at two aspects of the wing 🙂 Well things to be build into the wing.

First, I always wanted to build lights into the wing but have now decided that it would be to obvious or visible using my first idea, of building lights into the wing. Might also have been a bit to hard as I would have had to make some acrylic glass window, shaped to the rounding of the upper surface if the front of the wing. Have now decided to put wiring into the wing going to the tip, and mount a flat area, not much wider than the thickness of the wing tip, for mounting a PowerBurst Plus 3-in-1 Nav/Position/Strobe light from Aveo Engineering (see below right).

It has a green and red navigation light at the front, a white position light at the back, and a white flashing strobe in between (see below left).


I am doing it in a way so I can also later replace them with an higher light output version from the same brand if I want to. This model here is the entry model, only used on microlight class planes, well in the US they are. Also doing it this way, it means I don’t have to buy them right now, and can install them later when I want. Also saves me quite some time.


Second, thing I have been investigating is the Pitot tube and its hoses. This tube is mounted in the leading edge of the wing and is measuring air speed. It is going to be connected to the air speed gauge. It is based on the air pressure that builds up when you go faster. Found all the materials needed for this, so all under control !
Also thinking of building one Pitot tube into each wing. One to be connected to the “mechanical” air speed gauge” and the other one to be connected in the future to my Aviation Redundancy Instruments on-board computer.

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